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We drove through the night, heading south east of Vegas to our favorite getaway in the desert.  Palms Springs and Coachella Valley as a whole has always been an escape from the impending stress that comes with life and naturally brings clarity to the que of my subconscious.  We pulled through the long stone shaded driveway that winds around the The Parker Hotel and was greeted by valet attendants sharply dressed in all white. The lobby, with its all white walls, vaulted ceiling and bohemian chic decor, gave the resort a very luxurious and hip feel at the same time.  Through the back of the hotel is a maze of trees with a gravel walkway that occasionally open to a clearing for a sitting area or a game of croquet. After getting lost in this Alice-in-wonderland-esque world of the Parker Hotel, it was time to leave for LA.089A7287 089A7298 089A7310 089A7318 089A7319 089A7322 089A7323 089A7325 089A7330 089A7335 089A7340 089A7357 089A7361 After bar-hopping through West Hollywood, we made a stop by the iconic MOCA light installation.089A7364089A7371 089A7396 The morning came quick and my first stop was at RWB LA. I’m going to stop here and show you only a preview of what’s to come…089A7437 089A7439 089A7441 089A7447 089A7452 089A7478

Mind’s eye

Today was warmer than usual, even for being january in Las Vegas. We decided to explore the infamous Death Valley, with it only being an hour drive away.The desert is an interesting place.  With how populated the modern world is, the desert seems to stay preserved with its innate, unforgiving weirdness. Our first stop was unscheduled, but couldn’t be passed by.  In all honesty, i keep my fingers crossed that i will run into places like The Death Valley Junction, more specifically the Amagosa Opera House…089A7081 089A7095 089A7103

Amargosa’s name stems from the Spanish word for “bitter” (amargo), and is located in a town called Death Valley Junction – population: less than 20, restaurants: 0, gas stations: 0, opera house: 1. I’m not the type of person that is easily shaken, my curiosity usually gets the best of me and overrides any fear, The Amagosa Opera House at first glance was much more interesting than scary.  We parked the car and did some exploring around the property, taking in every little detail. This place sucks you in with its genuine surrealness. YOU ARE LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE. No cell reception, none. The closest hospital is hours away. There’s no supermarket or any place to replenish the essentials of basic living. There’s no police station. If you died, there’s an infinite amount of places your body could be buried and never be found.

We parked in front of the Opera House and walked to the entrance of the hotel. We were warmly greeted by the overnight clerk that told us how he has lived in the desert ever since Vegas was owned by corporations and reminisced the days when the MOB ran Vegas. The lobby/gift shop looked and felt like it was frozen in time 20-30 years ago.  I used the restroom and had an overwhelming uncomfortable feeling just being in the building. I usually like to poke my nose in everything in the name of photography or journalism or just because i’m me, but deep inside I just wanted to leave. You get a vibe that just emerges from your gut that tells you that you’re aren’t wanted there. You are not safe.  As soon as i got to the car i immediately felt better. On the surface i told myself that what just happened was very weird, but my subconscious took a note of what just happened and i still don’t completely understand it.

I’d later research this area and learn that it was a hospital & morgue for the 1923 Pacific Borax Company. The same building that the Amagosa Opera House resided in was the same building that so many miners died inside from contamination of the borax cleaning agent. This very hotel has had numerous accounts of cold spots, apparition sightings and even possession or “channeling” of spirits with the hotel staff…

089A7110 089A7112 089A7113 089A7114

We drove for what seemed like hours of ever sprawling desert and blinding sun. Out of no where we saw a small wooden sign for BEATTY.  On the way we ran into the small, ghost town of Rhyolite. The birth of Rhyolite started in August of 1904 with the discovery of gold and by January of 1905, with what started as a two-man camp, Rhyolite became a town of 1,200 people in two weeks and reached a population of 2,500 by June 1905. By then it had 50 saloons, 35 gambling tables, prostitution, 19 lodging houses, 16 restaurants, half a dozen barbers, a public bath house, and a weekly newspaper, the Rhyolite Herald.

By 1907, Rhyolite had concrete sidewalks, electric lights, water mains, telephone and telegraph lines, daily and weekly newspapers, a monthly magazine, police and fire departments, a hospital, school, train station and railway depot, at least three banks, a stock exchange, an opera house, a public swimming pool and two formal church buildings. By 1912, Rhyolite was a ghost town and in 1916 the power lines were shut off permanently.

The turn of the century was a very interesting time. It seemed like everything was so new and experimental, to which it could cost someone’s life or lifetime (a lifetime wasn’t very long back then) to explore a new idea.  The winner’s won gloriously and the losers paid for their mistakes with their life, literally.

089A7129 089A7132 089A7133 089A7140 089A7145 089A7151 089A7155 089A7170 089A7184 089A7185 089A7213 089A7217 089A7219 089A7221 Eventually we arrived in Beatty, Nevada. What was once populated by the native Shoshone tribe, is now overrun by trailer parks.  Beatty was named after the civil war veteran & miner “Old Man” Montillus (Montillion) Murray Beatty, who bought a ranch along the Amargosa River just north of the future community and became its first postmaster in 1905.  Beatty is a small, quiet town where everyone knows everyone. As soon as Blondie and i walked into the Sourdough Saloon, all eyes were on us.  Dino, one of Beatty’s natives immediately gravitated to us, inquiring where we were from and what could have possibly brought us there.  For being obvious “out-of-towners”, everyone was very interested in who we were and weren’t shy about introducing themselves.  Me being obsessed with cars, i noticed all the random automotive paraphernalia hanging on the walls.  The bold yellow Mercedes SLK front bumper is the first thing you see as you enter the bar.  Every summer, german engineers stay in Beatty to test their concept cars in Death Valley as a “litmus” test to see if the new product is up to par…  Apparently it took a number of i8’s to die till BMW got it right… 089A7228 089A7231 089A7244 089A7245 089A7251

Gregorian calendar

On a cold night in December, me & Pablo(owner of a beautiful, yet very aggressive looking Nissan 350z), took to Fremont street to see what shots we could get. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Fremont or Downtown Las Vegas as it’s commonly referred.  Even though DTLV is a bug light for all of Sin City’s lower element, it also has much more character and history than The Strip. Fremont Street is named in honor after the military officer & explorer John Charles Frémont.  Fremont Street dates back to 1905, when Las Vegas itself was founded. Fremont Street was the first paved street in Las Vegas in 1925. The workforce from construction of the Hoover Dam had a huge impact on driving the population & economy in the early days of Las Vegas. It’s crazy to think how such a iconic city could be built in the middle of the desert.089A6828 089A6829 089A6838089A6795089A6797 089A6841

Storm Water

Since i’ve migrated to Las Vegas, I’ve been very fortunate to meet a great group of guys that are part of a car club called Sin City’s Finest(composing of Infiniti G35/37’s & Nissan 350/370z’s).  I met Christian, one of the members of the car club at the weekly “Fuku Meet”.  Not knowing anyone there and freezing to death(i never knew how cold it actually got in the desert), I stood by myself surveying the meet and just taking it all in.  Christian came up and introduced himself to me.  I asked him which car was his and he pointed to the sharp looking slate grey Nissan 350z, sporting Infiniti G35 wheels.  Christian told me about the car club and that i should join.  That following week i was invited to a house party by Dave,one of the SCF members. There i met the rest of the Sin City’s Finest, including Raul.  Me & Raul later planned to venture to the Wetlands on the east side of Las Vegas and shoot his shiny white Infiniti G37.

089A6666 089A6679


The following is what happens when Audi wants you to write about their new A3. Ken Panton from ecityofautos.com called to see if I’d be interested in flying to (SFO), being chauffeured in a  shiny, new Audi A8L to The Rosewood Sand Hill Resort(where I would be staying), followed by driving the Pacific Coast highway in a 2015 Audi A3 down to Santa Cruz to have lunch and then being invited to John Mozart’s private car museum.  I love when Ken asks, as if i’m going to say no…1 2 3 4 5 67 89 10 11 12 089A442413 14 15 16 089A44871718 19

Interstellar Travel

I had a dream last night that I arrived in beautiful, sunny Newport Beach, California, staying at the grandiose Pelican Hill Resort where only the elitist 1% stay and drove every car Nissan & Infiniti makes. The dream started with me being chauffeured from LAX to my own personal villa at the upscale resort. In my dream I drove every sports, SUV & every other passenger vehicle, including their right-hand drive counter parts. I even drove the infamous Nissan GTR and was driven in the GTR GT3. I met some of the most interesting people, the entire experience was so surreal that I didn’t want to wake up…