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On a cold night in December, me & Pablo(owner of a beautiful, yet very aggressive looking Nissan 350z), took to Fremont street to see what shots we could get. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Fremont or Downtown Las Vegas as it’s commonly referred.  Even though DTLV is a bug light for all of Sin City’s lower element, it also has much more character and history than The Strip. Fremont Street is named in honor after the military officer & explorer John Charles Frémont.  Fremont Street dates back to 1905, when Las Vegas itself was founded. Fremont Street was the first paved street in Las Vegas in 1925. The workforce from construction of the Hoover Dam had a huge impact on driving the population & economy in the early days of Las Vegas. It’s crazy to think how such a iconic city could be built in the middle of the desert.089A6828 089A6829 089A6838089A6795089A6797 089A6841

Storm Water

Since i’ve migrated to Las Vegas, I’ve been very fortunate to meet a great group of guys that are part of a car club called Sin City’s Finest(composing of Infiniti G35/37’s & Nissan 350/370z’s).  I met Christian, one of the members of the car club at the weekly “Fuku Meet”.  Not knowing anyone there and freezing to death(i never knew how cold it actually got in the desert), I stood by myself surveying the meet and just taking it all in.  Christian came up and introduced himself to me.  I asked him which car was his and he pointed to the sharp looking slate grey Nissan 350z, sporting Infiniti G35 wheels.  Christian told me about the car club and that i should join.  That following week i was invited to a house party by Dave,one of the SCF members. There i met the rest of the Sin City’s Finest, including Raul.  Me & Raul later planned to venture to the Wetlands on the east side of Las Vegas and shoot his shiny white Infiniti G37.

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The following is what happens when Audi wants you to write about their new A3. Ken Panton from called to see if I’d be interested in flying to (SFO), being chauffeured in a  shiny, new Audi A8L to The Rosewood Sand Hill Resort(where I would be staying), followed by driving the Pacific Coast highway in a 2015 Audi A3 down to Santa Cruz to have lunch and then being invited to John Mozart’s private car museum.  I love when Ken asks, as if i’m going to say no…1 2 3 4 5 67 89 10 11 12 089A442413 14 15 16 089A44871718 19

Interstellar Travel

I had a dream last night that I arrived in beautiful, sunny Newport Beach, California, staying at the grandiose Pelican Hill Resort where only the elitist 1% stay and drove every car Nissan & Infiniti makes. The dream started with me being chauffeured from LAX to my own personal villa at the upscale resort. In my dream I drove every sports, SUV & every other passenger vehicle, including their right-hand drive counter parts. I even drove the infamous Nissan GTR and was driven in the GTR GT3. I met some of the most interesting people, the entire experience was so surreal that I didn’t want to wake up…























God’s gifts unused

Being an Infiniti owner myself, Ken thought i’d be a perfect fit to represent for Infiniti’s Ride & Drive in Boston. The flight was quick, flying from PHL to BOS. As soon as i touched down & picked up my luggage, Infiniti’s PR team was there to take my bag and escort me right into their big boy QX80.  089A3268 089A3271 From the airport, i was transported to the elegant, yet infamous Liberty Hotel. The liberty was the former prison for Boston’s most notorious criminals.  The lobby itself still kept intact the shell of the prison’s layout.089A3272 089A3285 089A3288089A3328 089A3331 089A3351 089A3372 089A3373


Ken Panton from eCity sent me a text asking if i’d be interested in doing a ride & drive with Aston Martin. Essentially asking me rhetorical question… Shortly there after Aston Martin’s PR team was in contact with me and minutes later my trip to Buck Head, Atlanta was confirmed.089A2805 089A2806 I arrived at the airport and i was warmly welcomed by an older gentleman with a native southern accent, the driver that would chauffeur me to the hotel that Aston Martin was putting me up in. Once we arrived at the Mandarin Oriental, i was greeted by Janelle from Aston Martin’s PR team. Janelle was around my age, she wore a genuine smile and had a very professional way about her. She gave me a care package from AM and my room key & asked if there was anything else i needed.  089A2811 089A2812 089A2813 I had two hours to unwind before i was to arrive downstairs and join a meet & greet during their cocktail hour before heading over to a private dinner at Del Friscos where i’d meet the very intriguing Evan Orensten from Cool Hunting. After drinking all night from dinner to walking over to the W Hotel across the street to drink some more, the morning came quick…needless to say i missed the complementary breakfast that was provided for us. I was promptly assisted onto the shuttle bus they would transport us from Buckhead to Dawsonville, Georgia. 089A2815 089A2818 089A2824 089A2826 089A2828 (1) 089A2829 089A2830 Once we arrived at the track we had to sign whole slew of waivers and then was briefed on the design of this $300k work of art that i would be driving shortly after.  All the driving instructors were straight from the UK, which really made the experience of driving an Aston Martin feel that much more genuine.  The track was super technical and wasn’t easy to learn right away, it also didn’t help that it was raining for most of my introduction to the road course.  Eventually i got the hang of whipping around a 4k lb super car with over 500hp. What was more memorable than the actually driving experience, was the people i’d meet on this trip.  All the auto journalist came from a variety of backgrounds and had different views and styles on how they worked.  My next ride & drive would follow this one very soon, but first we made a visit to LA… 089A2871 (1) sss